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Vanisher are back!

Vanisher - Blank Horizon

It’s crazy to believe that Vanisher‘s last release was their brilliant EP Unbound all the way back in July of last year. It was a stomping, catchy and fun release that showcased that this band possess a ton of potential.

Vanisher, by no means set out to break barriers or redefine the music scene, no their strengths are in crafting compelling, catchy and engaging music that is more focused on refining what has come before. Now, they’ve just released a new single called “Blank Horizon” today and it’s a great tune.

The North Carolina based band mix together elements of thrash metal, metalcore and hard rock to create an intoxicating blend of “modern metal”. Justin Reich, the talented frontman of the group also runs The Antimatter Studio, a fantastic creative studio that handles everything from graphic design and photography, to awesome music video and special effects creation. The Antimatter Studio has done some amazing work with bands like Between The Buried And Me and Periphery. If you need work for your band and want to join the big boys you should most certainly check their page out.

Vanisher are yet to announce any future plans for an album, though they have started too book regional shows. We reached out to their charismatic frontman for a quote about the future of the band:

I would just say that we are finally getting into our groove. Took a few years to finally find ourselves and our “sound”, but our expression of what we are as musicians and artists is finally making some headway and we are very excited to see what the outcome will be.

This is all great news and we’re told that we can expect a new and exciting video from the band in the spring for the song “Seven Years Buried“, as well as potentially another video for the most recent single contained within this post. All in all, it’s a good time to be a fan of Vanisher!

Blank Horizon” is a great single from a band that just keeps getting better, hopefully this means we can look forward to a full length album in 2013. For now, check out their last music video for the best song off their last EP, as well as checking out and purchasing “Blank Horizon” for a measly dollar. Come on, you were only going to waste it anyway! Instead, support this band!

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