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Exhumed honour the dead with a new track from Necrocacy

exhumed - Necrocacy

Old school American death metal band Exhumed have been around the block more than a few times, so to speak. Originally formed in 1990, they’ve had an incredibly unstable line-up and actually disbanded back in 2005, before reforming in 2010. Over the years they’ve lost 15 members, leaving Matt Harvey as the only founding member left in the band. Famed for their brutal classic stylings and heavily gore themed lyrics, Exhumed are a band that do not fuck around.

Recently they’ve unleashed a new song titled “Coins Upon The Eyes” from their upcoming album Necrocacy, their second album since their 2010 reformation and their sixth overall (if you count their 2005 cover album). If you’ve followed Exhumed this far you likely know what you’re in for by this point.

Coins Upon The Eyes“, while obviously about death, also has an allegory towards greed, with the video accompaniment comfortably emits a seemingly almost compulsory dosage of paranoia and anti-government conspiracy theories. The video liberally splashes provocative images relating to a series of less than stellar events and people in history and showcasing these evil men with coins upon their eyes. I’m not entirely sure grouping Obama in with people like Stalin and Hitler is anything other than just a tad overdramatic, but oh well.

Musically, the vocals are a little shoddy and the production is raw enough if that’s what you’re looking for. The bass rumbles menacingly and there are a few moments where the fretwork really shines, but overall (at least on this stream) it’s overpowered by the constant thumping of the drums, and unfortunately the snare sounds like a lump of wood rather than the hard-hitting punctuation it should be. While this could just be put down to a poor YouTube stream, it’s ultimately serves as a major detriment to the track.

Necrocracy will be released on August 6th in North America, August 2nd in Germany and August 5th around the rest of the world via Relapse Records.

What do you guys think? Do you like this style of death metal? Do you think Exhumed are still relevant? Are you looking forward to Necrocracy? Sound off in the comments!

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