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Sludgers Kylesa release awesome animated music video for “Unspoken”


If you supplement your reading tendencies with other sites than The Monolith you may have already come across this gem today, but due to a busy week, we’re only just getting to it. Kylesa are a sludge metal group from Savannah, Georgia; whose defining characteristic is the diversity brought about by having three different singers and two drummers to add extra depth and power to their percussion section. Kylesa have released a new album called Ultraviolet, which is another fine entry into their impressive catalogue. To help with promoting their new album they have released a video clip for the track “Unspoken“, which is one of the better songs on the album.

Unspoken” has all the qualities you would want to find in your great sludge metal, strong down-tuned riffs, a kinetic sense of dynamics and that all important sludge encrusted fuzz sound. Vocally Kylesa have become less focused on shouting and aggression, and instead focus on softer melodies and more emotional voices uses in tandem. This, aided by their stronger focus on atmospheric electronic samples and their psychedelic rock influences have propelled Kylesa to deeper and more interesting territory, threatening to even have them labelled as a moderately progressive band.

For a slightly unconventional song, “Unspoken” is rewarded with an equally unconventional and awesome music video. It’s an animated piece, initially focusing on a sad young girl in her bedroom before having her transform into a bird and fly over the lands (the speed of which matching the driving force of the song’s main riff creating an apt visual accompaniment), until finally she reaches a fallen robot, Iron Giant style, which is awoken by her entry and absorbs the power around her. All in all, it’s a very weird, but special music video. The art style is extremely evocative and interesting, sucking you deeper into the off kilter and mysterious world that it dwells in. It was penned by artist extraordinnaire Tyson Schroeder and directed by Brodie Rush. They’ve managed to create an enrapturing music video and the perfect video accompaniment to Kylesa’s music, which is exactly what music videos should do. So congratulations to them! Be sure to check it out below.

Ultraviolet is out now on Season Of Mist.

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