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Chicago experimental metal duo Locrian, who have just released their newest album Return To Annihilation on the world, have premiered a music video for the lead-off track, “Eternal Return”. I wrote briefly about the album here (it is also now available for streaming at Bandcamp), and I still recommend you check it out if you haven’t yet; it is absolutely one of the top albums of the year, certainly one of the most interesting releases. Locrian are looking to make the leap to one of the top experimental acts in the world, and certainly this new album will take them there.

The song is a surreal, yet oddly joyful sounding trip through blissful oblivion, with understated, fuzzed out guitars, and a smooth reverb-y synth line. The video itself is a reflection of the lyrical themes of the song and the album, being simply a series of shots completely devoid of people. It shows signs of humanity, traversing through graffitied buildings, a swingset, over a fence and gate, but all are empty, as if the human species has been erased from the world.

It is also entirely in black and white, which seems to be a common theme these days in music videos. The only signs of life are trees and plants that the camera walks through and shows through windows. The album is about the end of humanity, and how the Earth will return to its pre-human industrial state of nature and peace, and the video does a great job in tandem with the music to create that empty, post-apocalyptic feeling. Many bands try for that aesthetic, but few of them capture it so well, since their music isn’t as soaked in that tone as Locrian’s is.

Return to Annihilation is out now via Relapse Records.

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