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Warning: Nine Inch Nails & David Lynch don’t like people with epilepsy

Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted

Everyone here already knows who Nine Inch Nails are and if you follow the site you will have caught our write up about their new song “Came Back Haunted” when it debuted a couple of weeks back. Now, a video has been released for the song, which is Nine Inch Nail’s first single from their upcoming album Hesitation Marks. Directed by David Lynch, the unconventional auteur behind films like Eraserhead and Blue Velvet, the video is a shattered, disorienting collage of thoroughly Lynchian proportion. The fact that there is a message displayed at the beginning of the video, warning the viewer of potential epileptic triggers, says almost as much about the video as any description could. The video is largely a deluge of stroboscopics and stillframe pastiche, intercut with a motion-blurred Trent Reznor singing in an increasingly agitated manner. It is a fitting companion to the song, which starts out anxious and only gains momentum as it goes on.

These two have worked together before, on Lynch’s 1997 cinematic headtrip, Lost Highway. Reznor not only produced the soundtrack, but contributed a song to it, the innovative “The Perfect Drug”. It seems appropriate that the two would work again, particularly in a somewhat reversed fashion, this time centering around music. Lynch has taken a shining to music lately, releasing two albums of his own in the last few years.

Hesitation Marks is due out in the beginning of September. The ninth studio release in an illustrious career, the album has already sparked a bit of controversy. Not only has it seen Reznor going back on his word to cease the touring activity of Nine Inch Nails, but it has also seen a number of rapid personnel changes in the seemingly short life since reincarnation. The new formation of the band was initially slated to feature a number of seasoned musicians, including bassist Eric Avery of Jane’s Addiction fame, and the legendary Adrian Belew, known for his work with King Crimson and Frank Zappa. Both members have since left Nine Inch Nails. A world tour is set to commence late next month.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for the album? Is this video just a garbled mess? Do you actually love it? Sound off in the comments!

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