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Arcaeon 2017

Bathed in jade hues as young British modern metal troupe Arcaeon’s brand new video is, the group aren’t as green as it may suggest. Known until earlier this year as Clockwork, the group had a bit of a personnel reshuffle after the release of their Glimmer EP, adding new drummer Joe Farrell  to their ranks, and have resurfaced as the band we see before us today.

Promising as Clockwork were, Arcaeon feel even more solid; time away working on a new release – whose date is pending, but is looking likely to be in the new year – has been well spent, and what we’ve heard so far is mightily impressive.

The first slice you, the ‘orrible, smelly general public, are being allowed to hear is a song called “Fade“. Take a gander:

The video seems to chronicle the process of the band finding their brand new sound – which is indeed somewhat removed from the sonic qualities of their previous iteration – but thankfully suggestions like “double djent” and “wedding metal” seem to have been ignored. We think.

What is present is a pleasant mix of meaty metalry and some cleaner, noodly prog. It’s not a groundbreaking formula by any means, but it’s deftly executed; there’s groove aplenty thanks to the safe hands of bassist Eifion Sweet, as well as a bit of virtuosic guitar work tastefully thrown in for the fretboard watchers among you. Vee nice.

You can download the track now from Arcaeon’s Bandcamp, and catch the band live at Techabilitation 2017 on Sunday November 26th at the New Cross Inn in London, or four days later at The Boileroom in Guildford supporting the also-wonderful Harbinger. Worth popping your head in to both, we reckon.