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Nothern metalheads Arcite are hardly a new band – the group set themselves up back in 2009 – but 2017 will see them release only their second album, with first outing The Escape Key dropping an even four years from their inception and now.

This is far from a criticism, however. The five-piece, who hail from Newcastle, are a fiercely DIY outfit, as evidenced by their new single “What Lies Ahead“, whose opening chant and core concept screams “we won’t fade away!”. A doubtful prospect, certainly; through a plethora of difficulties in recent years, the band have if anything doubled down on the idea of making their own success, and new record As The Fire Takes Hold is a positive, forward-looking slice of powerful metalcore, and we’re delighted to be able to bring you the self-produced video for “What Lies Ahead“. Take a look!

Through watching the video multiple times for this piece, the song has got its hooks right in there; it’s a really catchy number, and it’s easy to see why they’re a popular bunch among their peers.

On the video, director, cameraman and editor – and also drummer – Matthew Dix comments:

“We’re absolutely chuffed to present to you the first video from our new album As The Fire Takes Hold! The video is all DIY and was shot over a period of months in several different locations from mountain tops to beach caves. I think we experienced every type of weather whilst filming this and have some stories to tell from it! One shot in particular cost us £180 in fines so it could be the most expensive 2 seconds in music video history (probably).

Anyway we hope you enjoy, please crank it up, share it with your friends and don’t forget there’s still time to buy the album from BigCartel or digitally from iTunes etc! Thanks to The Monolith for premiering this for us and Amanda and the rest of Possessive Management for all their continued hard work.”

As The Fire Takes Hold drops June 1st, and you can pre-order a copy from the band here!