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Ares One - Optimist EP

One of the most pleasant things about being regularly involved with the UK tech metal scene is getting to know its denizens. They’re one of the warmest, most welcoming communities that we’ve encountered in music, and because of the type of people the style of music attracts, also one of the most musically talented. The line between subject and pal blurs regularly, and while we always keep things objective – for their own good, as much as ours – we must admit to developing a soft spot for the musical output that comes from the scene.

Ares One is one such outlet. The brainchild of one Reece Spencer – one of the very nicest, most humble, and widely liked ambassadors of the whole community – we first heard Reece’s output last just over a year ago, when he dropped the self-titled debut Ares One EP. The Manchester-area native is back as we head into the new year, anticipating the release of his second next month, and we’re pleased to be able to bring you the first song from it, along with a shiny playthrough video. Check it:

Stylistically, Reece taps the likes of Cloudkicker and Intervals with his careful construction of atmospheric-laden soundscapes, backed by animated chord progressions and bright twinkly leads. It’s nothing we’ve not heard before, but the execution is honest, and it’s pleasing to hear the advances he’s made from his first outing.

A Better Place, Pt1” comes from the forthcoming Optimist EP, which will drop via the Ares One Bandcamp on Feburary 18th, but if you pre-order it now, you can get a download of “A Better Place, Pt1” now ahead of that. Sweet!

Speaking about the video, the song and the release as a whole, Reece says:

Big thanks to Steven Hall for putting the video together. The theme of the Optimist EP is maintaining hope even in dark and seemingly hopeless times; like many may have perceived recent years to have been. As the first track on the EP, ‘A Better Place, Pt1′ is there to set the tone, and introduce that conflict as central to the whole release.

And for anyone wondering, the sample in the song’s midsection is from the BBC sci-fi series Outcasts.

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