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Belial 2

Something wicked this way comes. What’s more, it appears to be coming from the direction of Swindon. I don’t think anyone was expecting that.

Since the release of their eponymous debut EP at the end of 2014, Belial have been hitting the road hard – giving me no fewer than five opportunities to see them play since Tech Fest 2015 alone. It appears that they have been working as hard offstage as onstage, fine-tuning their bleak and foreboding technical deathcore and preparing their second release.

Now signed to Siege Music, we are happy to present the video of their first single from this second EP, due to be released in June 2016.

The track,”Naught” (Ø), captures the sound we’ve come to expect from the quintet, with bludgeoning riffs and blistering blast beats topped off with haunting orchestral accompaniments.

The accompanying video captures the mood perfectly, with the band performing blindfolded in a room straight out of a Saw-style horror movie, and inter-spliced with scenes of an unfortunate fellow, in the same location, apparently being treated like some kind of lab rat. You’ll have to watch the video to see how it turns out for him.

It’s potent stuff. Have a look, and see what you can expect when they visit a stage near you – which, judging by their recent gig rate, is bound to be fairly soon.

“Naught” will be available in the near future on Spotify and iTunes.