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As a band fairly early in your career, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending an incredible amount of time, effort and money – generally even more than normal if you’re a prog band – into writing, rewriting, honing, and recording for a new release – and then having it all turn to shit out of your control.

Such is the case with London outfit Clockwork, who were making real strides in 2015, including a hugely impressive opening slot at UK Tech Fest that summer. Their new EP Glimmer was due to drop sometime last year, yet here we are close to 2017 and it’s still not out yet.

Yet – and that is about to change. After a frustrating year and change, the group have finally wrested control of their own destiny back into their hands, and after a successful crowdfunding campaign, will finally drop Glimmer on December 30th.

We’re super stoked about this, and we’re also super stoked to be able to present a brand new song from it, ahead of release. There’s also a lovely video to go along with it; how about that?!

Here’s “Solace” – enjoy.

Speaking about the song, vocalist William says:

“The song is essentially about finding your purpose, which in a way has been quite fitting over the last year as we’ve all had the time to do just that.

The idea is based on the people who have forgotten that and never live their full potential”

These guys are super talented, and you can still get your hands on a copy now – the Pledgemusic is still active here. Any preorder gets a free copy of the original demos AND instrumental demos, as well as whatever you order of course. 10% of the additional money they’ve made over the target will also be donated to the mental health charity Mind, so that’s certainly a bonus.