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Fraktions The Difference Between Drowning And Sinking

When we reviewed Anguish, the debut EP from London progressive metal band Fraktions, last year, we called it an “immediately and strikingly astute piece of intelligent, considered progressive metal.”

That was last August, but it holds true nine months later, as the band configure themselves for a summer of gigging, including a spot at this year’s UK Tech Fest.

Latest – and probably last – out of this release cycle is a video for the EP’s final track, “The Difference Between Drowning and Sinking” – and we’re super stoked to be bringing it to you today.

Says vocalist and composer Joel Pinder:

“The Difference Between Drowning and Sinking” is the final song from our EP ‘Anguish’, released August 2016. Anguish is a concept EP about the struggles of a schizophrenic protagonist called Sarah. “TDBDAS” is the final chapter of this struggle, where Sarah is overcome by the darkness and negative forces within her. She ultimately decides to drown herself in the water, however at the last moment she regrets her decision, but it is too late and she lifelessly sinks to the bottom.”

It’s bleak stuff, but for the band, a bright statement; it really is a charming little EP, well worth your time if you’re a fand of bands like The Contortionist, Monuments and No Consequence. Take a look for yourself!

Continues Joel:

“We wanted to think a little outside the box for this video – something visually different, interesting and potentially disturbing. This is why all of the band shots are extremely dark and almost other worldly. Although unconventional, we wanted them to evoke a feeling of abnormality and discomfort, much the same way as Sarah feels about herself.”

“We felt the narrative was best interpreted through the medium of dance due to our protagonists intense internal struggles. These shots are also extremely dark, almost shadow-like, with Sarah feeling like a shadow of her true self. At the end we see her disappear looking out to the water, as the light in Sarah is eventually defeated by the dark.”

You can pick up Anguish from Fraktions’ Bandcamp page, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and catch them at UK Tech Fest in Newark, July 6th-9th.