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Watch The Hirsch Effekt’s new video for “Agnosie″ before anyone else!

The Hirsch Effekt - Holon Agnosie album art

When The Hirsch Effekts latest album Holon : Agnosie was released in April it may have slipped under more radars than it should have – which is a crying shame, as it’s genuinely one of 2015′s most exciting albums.

Perhaps this new video for semi-title track “Agnosie” will change that, with its wide range of moods, catchy, finger twisting riffs and a tuning drop performed within the song (see if you can spot it).

The Hirsch Effekt have already released a video for another track from the album, “Jayus“, but whereas that’s more or less a performance video (with some heavy light blinking), this one is more arty and narrative in its own way. “Agnosie” comes off as a blend of a Kubrickian nightmare and a European arthouse version of Groundhog Day, culminating in some less-than-appetizing cake eating.

Nils, The Hirsch Effekt’s guitarist and vocalist, comments:

“The song is about the state of being trapped. Further, it’s about being haunted in the night by one’s memories. The bad ones, as well as the good ones. Instead of giving comfort they leave you behind in a frozen, numb, emotional state. It’s about unsatisfied circumstances and the knowledge, that only oneself can find a way out. As a band, we always have issues when it comes to making a music video. Our music is somewhat abstract so it’s kind of tricky with the imagery, especially if the pictures are supposed to give the music a concrete purport. I think we found a good middle course with the ‘Agnosie’ video.”

Whatever you may think about the video the track remains just as compelling as it is on the album and the video serves as a fine companion.

So what do you guys think? Does it make you excited to check the band out? If not, do it anyway, you need this band in your lives. If it does and you want to see them live, the band is embarking on a tour around Germany from Thursday on so if you find yourself in the land of the Deutsche, try to make it to one of the following dates:

24.09.15 Kiel – Schaubude
25.09.15 Husum – Speicher
26.09.15 Rostock – Mau Club
27.09.15 Neubrandenburg – AJZ
30.09.15 Bremen – Tower
01.10.15 Neunkirchen – Stummsche Reithalle
02.10.15 Ulm – Schilli
03.10.15 Köln – Euroblast Festival
05.10.15 Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
06.10.15 Stuttgart – Juha West
07.10.15 Regensburg – Alte Mälzerei
08.10.15 Nürnberg – Z-Bau
09.10.15 Würzburg – B-Hof
10.10.15 Aalen – Frape
07.12.15 Oberhausen – Druckluft
08.12.15 Münster – Sputnik Cafe
09.12.15 Köln – MTC
10.12.15 Dresden – Groovestation
11.12.15 Erfurt – Klanggerüst
12.12.15 Pforzheim – Kupferdächle
14.01.16 Göttingen, Exil
15.01.16 Hamburg, Hafenklang
29.01.16 Rotenburg/Wümme, Villa Rotenburg
30.01.16 Hannover – Unter Hirschen Festival
20.03.16 Saarbrücken – Garage

Tickets can be bought at

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