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Septa Ropes
Here we are again!

Since releasing one of my favourite albums of 2014, the magnificent Destroyer, Ukraine’s Septa have been quite busy. They released a split with She Oak, an EP of B-sides called Destroyer Alpha, a live EP and The Nietzsche, a group featuring half of Septa, released their debut EP.

On top of all of that Septa have been hard at work on a full length follow up to Destroyer - and we already have the first single and the accompanying video.

In “Ropes” we hear Septa walking a line between the styles of their previous albums The Lover and Destroyer, and an interesting new direction. The music is accompanied by two teams playing what Americans call football but the rest of us lovingly refer to as “hand-egg”, and an energetic performance by the band.

If Septa´s Deftones-influenced experimental hardcore excites you there’s plenty more where that came from on their Bandcamp page to get you ready for the new album which currently does not have a release date or a title. Love The Lover, let Destroyer destroy you and let the split…split you?

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