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Dangerous elements abound with Mercury Killed Newton’s new track “The Wanderer

Mercury Killed Newton

If you know anything about Isaac Newton, it’s probably the thing with the apple falling on his head, leading to his theory of gravity. Painful a lesson as that probably was (relatively speaking – although you might need to speak to our friends The Colour Line about relativity), it’s nothing compared to the damage done by years of mercury exposure, which is ultimately what killed one of the greatest scientific minds of his time.

It’s a danger about which Leeds’ own Mercury Killed Newton are presumably trying to warn everyone with their very moniker, so take heed; you know, no deep-throating thermometers or swallowing your fillings.

Public safety announcements aside, MKN also make music of a rather hefty variety. The five piece have been lobbing around their ambient, rhythmic grooves since 2013, when they released the Intertia EP, but are today presenting their new video for “The Wanderer” via our good selves okay selves us lot. Thanks guys! Here it is:

The Wanderer” is actually the second of a pair of singles Mercury Killed Newton have released recently; “The Static” preceded it, and can be listened to below.

So are we static or wandering? Which do you prefer? Let us know! We’ll tell the band, even if it’s mean; they’re big boys.

You can pick up Inertia via Bandcamp HERE. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Mercury Killed Newton in the coming months!