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In an industry where artists strive to stand out, saxophone-toting Cornish prog metal seven-piece For The Oracle certainly have a unique strapline; there’s no-one else like them in their corner of the world. Hell, wasn’t even entirely sure there were more than seven people in Cornwall, so you learn something new every day.

The band only released their debut album Kind Child (reviewed here) earlier this year, and not only were we impressed with its experience-belying maturity and impressive composition, but also with how focussed the group have been in promoting themselves and getting all fourteen of their legs onto a variety of stages up and down the country, including UK Tech Fest 2016, and more recently Techabilitation.

Not ones to stand still (clearly), For The Oracle are collaborating with Monolith favourites Sumer on the forthcoming End Of Sense tour in December. What’s more, in an effort to get bodies on the ground for the shows, they’ve released brand new material to promote in – in the form of this video for the track “All The Way Alive“, which we are thrilled to be able to present to you below:

In clicking play, you’ll not find yourself short-changed; this is 8+ minutes of some of the most exciting long-form prog we’ve heard from a young British band in some time. We often find that songs with that kind of span have the same amount to say as regular songs, but For The Oracle keep things interesting, with some absolutely gorgeous textures meshing with frontman Sam Lawson’s wonderfully incisive vocals.

Says Sam of the piece:

“The music video was entirely directed and produced by the guys over at Forgotten Species Productions. After our debut video where the members of the band were all focal points start to finish, we wanted something that didn’t have any footage relating to us so it could tell a story uninterrupted. None of us were present on the days of filming or editing and the whole idea was to give the FSP guys a basic plot idea and an audio file and let them do with it as they please.

The video is entirely open to interpretation and I think it’s best to find your own meaning behind it and what it’s trying to say. For me personally, it’s the personification of the relationship between mother nature and industrialisation/pollution and the tug of war that exists. I think the anonymity of the antagonist character and the location being seemingly isolated lends itself to depict how a lot of people are very closed minded about the damage done to the earth by humans, some going as far as to deny the existence of global warming!”

Check out the Sumer/FtO tour dates below, and do try and make it down; neither will leave you disappointed.

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