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When people long for the good ol’ days they aren’t usually referring to the golden age of tech grind and weird noise rock bands, but if you are so inclined, Rockford, Illinois’ Tweak will definitely make you a bit nostalgic for the Hayworths and Daughters of yesteryear.

Made up of members from great, but ultimately little known bands like Roanoke and Other Masquerades, Tweak are a different beast from the members’ previous ventures, although the band does share a similar emotional weight.

Don’t get the wrong idea though: the emotion here is not one of heartbreak and lost friendships in the Midwest, but rather of hatred and utter insanity as becomes quite apparent from the “blurb” of sorts the band have supplied to match their upcoming album I Am Overcome With Hatred:

“You could get lost there you know, Lester?
I mean we could get lost there. It is important that you listen to me the whole time.
I will guide you to the cure to all of your pain,
you’ve had the capability to feel better all your life.
Unlock the latch, go on.
I can feel your hatred.
Like hot oil dripping gluttonous drops on an open sore.
Channel this rage into your hands now, Lester.
Open the door and through it you will find yourself suspended in time
with nothing standing between you and your desire.
We can feel better than we do.
Take a step, it’s time to walk through.”

Written from the perspective of a split personality, Tweak’s upcoming album is a wild, unpredictable and utterly fitting continuation of the aforementioned bands of noisy notoriety.

Tweak released a demo version of a track called “Alice Fieldsberry a while ago, but today we’re bringing you the first proper single off of the album: the first track, appropriately named “A Warning” – appropriate in that if you pick up an album called I Am Overcome With Hate and for some reason expect it to be easy listening, this first track will definitely set you straight. Have at it:

This doesn’t mean the album is predictable or samey however; on the contrary, there are some very exciting changes across the record, but Tweak prepare you quite well from the get-go to either handle the intensity you’ll be subjected to or get out before it’s too late.

This intensity doesn’t overstay its welcome either, as the album in its entirety is only around sixteen minutes in length – usually a good idea with something as relentless as this. These sixteen minutes are spread across eleven tracks that make a lot of sense when read along with the blurb provided above:

01. A Warning
02. An Introduction to Lester George
03. A Closed Door
04. An Illness
05. A Sure Bet
06. Mia Vitkus
07. A Walts
08. Alice Fieldsberry
09. Tyler Whitton
10. Void of Sympathy
11. An Open Door

I Am Overcome With Hate come out June 10th via Puddlejumper in the U.S. and Saltamarges in Europe. It was recorded and mixed by Zack Farrar at Ziggler Studios and mastered by Derek Allen. It will be available wherever you usually buy albums by people who have been overcome by hate…which is usually Bandcamp.

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