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Visions - Daniel Bareford

Now this is a bit of an exciting one.

There are few things musically braver than taking a massive step away from your established sound and starting fresh. Bands like Thrice seem able to morph incrementally across records, but such stories are few and far between.

Such is the task undertaken by Peterborough’s own Visions, a band who in a former life released metronome-frazzling tech metal - and who are about to drop one of the catchiest progressive post-hardcore albums of the year. Figure that one.

Signs for the switch came as early as late 2013 year when the quartet released “These Days“, along with a video paying homage to cult film Office Space. A song called “Korma followed in summer 2014 with help from the wonderful Mike Malyan, whilst just two months ago they quietly let slip the mammoth title track from their forthcoming album Shake The Earth.

Says bassist Dave Evans:

“The new direction wasn’t really something planned, the only preconceived plan we had before starting to write the album material was that we wanted it to be easier to play live than our old stuff, in all honesty.

We have a lot of different influences, like a lot of bands claim, but most don’t really show it through their own material. Something we all admire about Thrice is how every release is different, yet always still sounds like Thrice, and we took a lot of inspiration from that.”

Furthering the cause before the record drops at the end of May, we’re stoked to be premiering the brand new video for brilliant album opener “Wet Bandit“. Have a look, a listen, and click the replay button a few times:

It’s a proper hooky little tune, with some absolutely massive payoffs and some really astute songwriting all round. Daniel Bareford’s vocals are something else, playing around with that catchy main riff really nicely.

Thing is, the album’s all like this. It’s quite a turnaround for Visions, but they do it really really well, and we’re really excited for everyone to hear it.

The rundown for Shake The Earth looks a little something like this:

Visions - Shake The Earth album art


Shake The Earth

01. Wet Bandits
02. Eurotrucker
03. It’s Only A Time
04. Breaking Away
05. Deadweight
06. These Days
07. Korma
08. Shake The Earth
09. Artemus Clyde

You can pre-order Shake The Earth for all of £3.fucking99 via Bandcamp. BARGAIN.