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Earlier this year I was blown away by the new record from Salt Lake City natives GAZA. No Absolutes In Human Suffering is a tour de force of rage, caustic attitude, and sublime imagery, wrapped up in a festering bouquet of vitriol and negative sentiment that expands upon their grind, math and sludge past, and is sure to make my year-end list at the very least.

The subject at hand is their new video, premiered on Metal Injection recently, for the track “Not With All The Hope In The World“, a song which deals a few harsh truths about death, and in true GAZA fashion, it doesn’t fuck about all fancy like.

It’s a live video, which is always good to see for bands that you might not always see a lot of (although that being said, GAZA will be on tour in the U.S. as of November 13th with Code Orange Kids and Full Of Hell – a cracking tour, the dates of which you can search in the events calendar). It’s all sweat and short shorts, as all good hardcore shows should be. Check it out below:

Our second slice of hardcore histrionics (or thereabouts) comes from Pariso, the UK’s answer to Ampere or Orchid. They’re due to tour in Cuba sometime in the future, which is pretty damn cool, but in the meantime they’ve recently released this video for “Mother’s Talons“, which was a B-side from their Black Milk 2012 vinyl postcard (which was exactly what it says on the tin – a vinyl postcard).

I’m not entirely sure where this video was shot, but the combo of mosh and Beach Boys attire gets the nod from  me.

If you aren’t familiar with it, I highly recommend you check out the UK’s hardcore/screamo scene, which has produced some great bands like Maths, Throats, Kerouac and Lavotchkin (as well as Pariso, of course) in recent years, who are all putting out great, great records on very little money.

Anywiddles, catch the video hyar: