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The Browning are not “Ashamed” of their music

The Browning

Deathcore is a sub-genre of metal that has a less than stellar reputation; known to most people as a subgenre for “poser kids” or knuckle draggers that wouldn’t know good metal if it smacked them in the face. Weirdly enough, for me, there’s something quite endearing about straight forward, but heavy deathcore. It’s never going to win any awards for ingenuity or intelligence, but sometimes it can be great background music to get you pumped up for a particularly monotonous activity i.e. working late at the office.

The Browning are a deathcore band from Texas that aren’t particularly interested in gaining the goodwill of more “legitimate” metalheads with their strong focus on rhythmic chugging over the creation of headbanging riffs and the integration of their numerous electronic elements. Whether it’s hardstyle, techo, house or dubstep, The Browning’s music crafts an electronic backbone that eschews traditional metal riffing in favour of creating a more palpable driving force via danceable beats and rhythms. It’s strange that a band such as this basically combines two styles of music that I’m not particularly fond of, yet the combination of the two creates something that I find oddly compelling.

The Browning are a band that have kept me awake on many a late night working on less than desirable projects. Whether it’s the infectious construction of the songs that allow for maximum groove-age, or the laughably bonkers production (it’s like someone just walked into the studio and screamed “TURN THE LOW END UP UNTIL IT SOUNDS LIKE A GARBLED MESS! FEED THE LOW END INTO MY VEINS!” “Errr, what do we do with the vocals?” “SLAP THEM ON TOP!”), or even the lyrical content, which at times ranges between trite subject matter like Pokemon and optimistic motivational speeches that sound like they were written by a school counsellor; and yet the vocalist manages to imbue these seemingly awkward lyrics with enough conviction to make them feel just a little bit powerful.

Ashamed” is the dubstep anthem from their debut album Burn This World, which was released all the way back in 2011. Recently the band have released a new music video for “Ashamed” that is just a well shot rendition of a live performance with the track slapped on. It’s a pretty run of the mill thing to do, and is an obvious attempt to try and keep the band relevant in the press without any new music to show off.

The Browning marked the beginning of Earache Records‘ “gimmick phase” of trying to find trendy electronic infused bands that will appeal to a younger generation and garner them new fans. It’s a shame to see the label that help invent grindcore stoop to this level, even though I do find myself liking The Browning, some of the other bands they went on to sign like Eskimo Callboy are just inexcusable. The Browning manage to create electronic deathcore that is fun and enjoyable, if entirely ludicrous, and they’re proud to not be ashamed of who they are. Eskimo Callboy on the other hand? Earache Records should be ashamed.

What do you guys think? Will this type of music ever appeal to you? Do you like The Browning? Do you wish they’d release new music? Are you disappointed in Earache Records? Sound off in the comments!

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