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The Safety Fire post new video in “recording gear” mode

The Safety Fire Red Hatchet screen cap

Back when I used to hang around with bands from my hometown, I learned a thing or two about recording. There’s a lot of sitting around. You do a lot of the same thing over and over and over. And you wear the comfiest clothes that you can, regardless of how ‘uncool’ they look.

Londoners The Safety Fire have clearly taken this look and run with it, as their new video for previously released track “Red Hatchet” sees them mostly prancing around a room in such garb: vests, comfy shorts and jumpers in abundance. There’s something about this band that screams both “hip, trendy dudes” and “we’re having fun and don’t give a fuck”. It’s a delicate balance to strike, but they seem to have it down.

It’s a well-shot video, too. The minimalist white of the room is juxtaposed by the bright, colourfulness of their garb and instruments – but more than that, the song is just really, really good. “Red Hatchet” is the only real taste we’ve had for new record Mouth Of Swords, but god damn, we’re salivating at the mouth here. Whilst the first song for previous album Grind The Ocean – the aptly titled “Huge Hammers” – hit much harder, this song is subtler, groovy, and very well constructed. Their trademark ‘weedles’ are brought to full bear, and vocalist Sean McWeeney’s dual singing and gritty shouts of “if you don’t believe in anything, believe in us!” are clear and fit the style perfectly.

This band have been together for many years now, and it’s great to see such a fantastic group raising their heads above the parapet with what sounds like it will be another brilliant album.

Mouth Of Swords is due out September 2nd through eOne Music. Anyone wishing to find out more about the band and their interesting back-story would be advised to watch this short documentary. It’s a good watch!

The Safety Fire will be conducting a short UK-only tour, taking in London, Nottingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Bristol immediately post-release. Get down there!

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