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Valient Thorr Are Out To Have Fun (As Per Usual) In Their New Video!

Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr (despite their European namesake) are a decidedly American rock band who have always worked incredibly hard towards their goals of hard rock domination. The band have toured ceaselessly, often only taking very few days off a year. Their determination is incredibly admirable and their music is the right amount of fun, old school rock that probably prevents them dying of exhaustion. Valient Himself, their charismatic frontman, is actually a really funny guy, often choosing to banter with the crowd just as much as singing their songs.

Valient Thorr released their seventh album two days ago, entitled Our Own Masters, and to celebrate they released a music video for new song “Torn Apart” which is just as fun filled and ridiculous as their live shows. First of all, we start out in a generic office setting with cubicles as far as the eye can see. It’s clear from the dialogue between the boss and his lackey that we’re emulating an Office Space style dynamic, with a depressing work place and an overbearing boss. Office Space seems to be the ultimate American movie for the suppressed twenty and thirty something office workers so Valient Thorr have chosen a good subject matter for the music video.

Basically, it’s just a fun video that eventually sees our hero break into an alternate world through the cubicle wall that sees him partying with the band and plenty of ladies. Pretty simple video concept there, but effective.

Musically, if you’re familiar with Valient Thorr this is pretty much what you’ve grown to expect at this point. Easily digestible rock music with a solid throwback vibe and some tasteful soloing. Not too adventurous, but then you don’t listen to Valient Thorr because they’re revolutionizing music. “Torn Apart” is a catchy anthem guaranteed to get people moving and singing along, which is what matters.

Our Own Masters is out now via Volcom Entertainment.

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy the song? Are you fans of the band? Are Office Space references overdone? Sound off in the comments!

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