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Belated fun in the sun with death metal act Decapitated

Decapitated Carnival Is Forever video cap

When this video popped up on Twitter last night, we had to do a double take. Decapitated, one of Poland’s finest metal exports, released Carnival Is Forever, their fifth studio album, in 2011. You might recall that we are half-way through 2013, so to see new promotional material for an ‘old’ record pop up was slightly odd. Nevertheless, it’s Decapitated – a death metal band of some skill – so it’s definitely worth a look.

The video is for the title track, and sees the Polish quartet in warm, seaside climes, climbing trees, cavorting in the warm tidal water, and generally frolicking in the sun. Classic death metal fodder this is not, so it juxtaposes the track nicely. The video was also shared on the band’s Facebook page from near Palermo, Italy, so whether that’s where it was filmed we don’t know, but it seems feasible enough.

It’s actually one of my favourites from the album; it starts off with an ominous, delay-heavy single guitar line before the whole band breaks in simultaneously with big, crunching riffs and double-bass pedal-heavy drums. Vocalist Rafał Piotrowski sounds gloriously throaty too, throwing out big growls in abundance.

Decapitated just recently finished a tour with Lamb Of God and The Acacia Strain, and have a few festival appearances lined up across mainland Europe for the rest of the summer, but nothing major until their European run supporting Children Of Bodom with Medeia in October on the Halo Of Blood Over Europe tour [related: Halo Of Blood review].

Besides that, we’ve not heard anything on the grapevine about any new Decapitated material, but we’re hoping this video is indicative of the band being active and perhaps just peeking their heads above the parapet in anticipation of a more concerted surge for a new record.

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