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Unfortunately, we still don’t know which of The Dillinger Escape Plan is the killer…

The Dillinger Escape Plan One Of Us Is The Killer video cap

Although it was released only a few weeks ago, The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s One Of Us Is The Killer is a strong enough release that one of its number made it into our Top 10 Dillinger Songs of all time. It wasn’t “One of Us is the Killer“, but for me it was a very strong contender, and it’s certainly one of my favourite tunes from the record.

I keep going on about DEP and “dark jazz-lounge™”, but this is a perfect example of how the style is used; it’s stripped back and broody, and uses the atmosphere generated from that to launch into massive juxtaposed choruses, of which “One Of Us Is the Killer“‘s is a prime demonstration.

In the wake of the fetishy and blood-caked video for “When I Lost My Bet“, the band have released another in a similar vein for the title track. They actually released it on Wednesday, but pulled it for reasons I’m not sure about, and as I missed it, this is all brand new to me, so have at it!

Dark and shot in an over-exposed style, it feels less…dirty…that ”When I Lost My Bet“‘s – although it’s still got some fairly ambiguous shots of needles going in places and, as the chorus line suggests, arrows sticking out of someone’s back. Unlucky, mate.

The band are in a little bit of a jam at the moment as guitarist Ben Weinman damaged his right hand recently during some on-stage antics, forcing them to cancel their European festival and club performances, but with a view to being fully recovered for other dates:

[quote-symbol symbol1]I’m heartbroken that we will miss these shows because we were all looking forward to them a great deal. Obviously nobody likes being injured. I’m looking forward to performing on Summer Slaughter at full capacity and we will be back in Europe this fall on our headlining tour.

We get the impression Ben’s been getting a bit of stick for it, with Metallica‘s Robert Trujillo setting up a chair for him just off-stage during Dillinger’s set at their Orion Music & More festival a couple of weekends ago.

Ben Weinman The Dillinger Escape Plan broken hand Metallica

Good luck for a speedy recovering, “broken paw”!

One Of Us Is The Killer is out now via Sumerian Records/Party Smasher Inc. Check out our review here!

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