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Watain are pretty keen on making you bleed

Watain - All That May Bleed

Swedish pestilent black metal horde Watain have premiered the first single from their upcoming full length The Wild Hunt, which is their fifth release overall. Watain have gained significant attention in the past couple years, due to the release of their album Lawless Darkness, as well as a high-profile spot touring with the legendary Behemoth on the latter’s comeback tour after front-man Nergal’s recovery from leukemia in 2012.

The new song is titled “All That May Bleed” and is accompanied with a lyric video. The video itself is relatively well put together – it’s just a shame that the song itself is not up to par. I am not Watain’s biggest fan in general -although I do find some of their early works enjoyable – but this new song is extremely mediocre. Nothing about it works. It lacks anything memorable: the guitars are overproduced and lack any real punch; the vocals sound terrible; and the lyrics, conveniently provided for us, are rather silly, even for black metal.

Watain is a band that thrives on their ideology and image to the point where it may define them more than their actual music, and one has to wonder if their growing popularity has eroded their convictions to the point where they lack the drive to continue with their hatred and evil. They are signed to Century Media Records after all, which is hardly an underground label. It happens to many bands that get bigger; they lose sight of the original passion that fuelled their early music. Some find new ones, others miss the mark entirely. Could this be happening to Watain?

The Wild Hunt will be available in various formats from Century Media on August 19th

Listen to the new song and tell me what you think. Am I being too harsh? Do you like it? Do you feel that popularity really can have a negative effect on a band’s music and lyrical message?

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