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Visions Daniel Bareford 2016

Daniel Bareford: vocals/guitar

With a completely straight, un-hyperbolic face, we can honestly say that Peterborians Visions‘ new album Shake The Earth is one of the very best released in 2016 so far. It’s accomplished, mature, and as our review will tell you, it’s a “towering, ground-pounding piece of progressive post-hardcore” absolutely befitting of its title.

As such, we were stoked when the band agreed to write up a track-by-track rundown of the record, which is out today for absolutely fuck-all money.

Please go and buy it from Visions’ Bandcamp page.

So without further ado, we’ll leave you with frontman Daniel “Boff” Bareford and guitarist Jake Monson to discuss the tracks.

01. “Wet Bandits

We wanted to write a song that was aggressive and ballsy throughout while still remaining melodic. We always tend to write the music first. Once the idea for the opening riff was laid down, the rest of the song seemed to flow in order and almost wrote itself. The idea of the heavy, slower sounding middle section really broke the song up well for us and lead back into the main theme effortlessly.

Our lyrics generally revolve around different aspects of day to day life and with the aggressive feel of the song we based the lyrics around a subject that pisses us off. The song mainly speaks about people who get joy out of talking about other peoples’ lives in a negative way.

02. “Eurotrucker

After experimenting with a few different guitar tunings, we found one which worked really nicely so decided to use it for a couple of songs on the album. It is a mix between low (drop B) and standard tuning and we soon found some interesting chord progressions and note structures.

The chords for the opening of the song felt like they would work well with a bouncy feeling riff, which we loosely built the rest of the song around to lead into anthemic choruses and a big atmospheric ending.

The lyrics are about how life just passes you by and the people who waste the time that you have.

03. “It’s Only A Time

Once we’d written the chunky verses we decided to think a little bit more inside the box in terms of song structure. With the new addition of Karl on drums we took the opportunity to write something which complimented his hard hitting and fast playing style. With our mix of musical influences we ended up with a song which had big heavy riffs, fast punky drumming and melodic choruses.

Vocally, this song needed to be hooky to cater to the repeating themes. With the positive feel of the song, it made sense to write about being positive, pushing yourself and being the best you can be without relying on others.

Visions Jake Monson 2016

Jake Monson: guitar

04. “Breaking Away

This is the oldest song on the album, taken from our 2012 EP Demur. With the rest of the songs on the album heading in a different direction to our older sound, this song still felt like it would fit in.

We rewrote quite a few of the vocal parts in this song as we thought it would flow better with cleaner vocals and catchier melodies. Although some of the lyrics were changed, we stuck to the same subject, talking about having something that holds you back but you can’t say no to.

05. “Deadweight

Deadweight” is one of the early tracks we wrote, after we released our last EP. It was one of the first songs we wrote which had a bit more of a straight forward approach. We wanted to write a end chorus that would use the original chorus melody but progress to a major/happy feel.

The lyrics are about making a positive change in your life and getting rid of those who want to disrupt that change.

Visions Dave Evans 2016

Dave Evans: bass

06. “These Days

When we wrote “These Days“, we wanted to release a single which was fast paced and hard hitting. After we initially released it, we really felt like we had found our sound and it was the happiest we had ever been with a release. This is why we decided to re-record it for Shake The Earth.

The anger-venting feel of the song inspired lyrics about being stuck in a job you hate and other people profiting from your hard work.

07. “Korma

Korma” uses the same guitar tuning as “Eurotrucker” and came about by playing around with new chords. The chorus was written first and then the rest of the song based around those chords. We wanted to make the most of using a low tuning so threw in some rockin’ riffs for good measure.

The song touches on talking about not bottling up your problems and talking about them with others.

08. “Shake The Earth

The clean intro was originally written just as something fun to play, but we soon decided that it had to be used in a song. As it was so melodic we decided to make it the theme for the chorus. We made a big song with a varying range of dynamics, so felt like the lyrics and vocal melodies needed to be powerful and prominent. The song is about making your mark in the world and standing out in the crowd. The solo came out of nowhere.

09. “Artemus Clyde

This is one of the first songs that we wrote with vocal melodies already in mind. The lyrics are about struggling to help people with their issues whilst trying to cope with your own. The guitar work was written around the idea of some of the drawn out vocal melodies and the big instrumental ending really felt like it would be a perfect ending for the album.

Visions Karl Pickles 2016

Karl Pickles: drums