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Voivod are Canadian progressive-thrash metal legends, hailing from Jonquière,Quebec. Formed in 1982, they quickly established a signature style, mixing heavy metal, progressive rock, and hardcore punk in an odd and unique way. Three excellent albums at the end of the 80s, Killing Technology, Dimension Hatross, and the masterpiece, Nothingface, the latter of which featured an ambitious cover of Pink Floyd’s Astronomy Domine“, cemented their place in metal history, with their unique spacey, thrashy vibe.

In 2005, founding guitarist Denis ‘Piggy’ D’Amour tragically passed away from colon cancer, during the recording of the album that would become Katorz. Since then, Voivod have kept active, releasing material recorded from before Piggy’s death, and touring with a new guitarist, Daniel Mongrain.

On Tuesday , Voived premiered a new track from their upcoming thirteenth studio album, Target Earth, on Tuesday. This will be the first album to feature Mongrain exclusively on guitar, who is replacing the late ‘Piggy’ D’Amour. When Target Earth was originally announced, there were initially some doubts as to whether or not Mongrain would be able to replace Piggy, who was a very talented and unique guitarist. Since then, three songs have been released and more or less have erased all doubts. Mongrain is clearly more than capable of carrying on the spirit of Piggy while adding his own twist to the sound that Voivod have cultivated over the years.

The song, “Kluskap O Kom”, is a jagged, psychedelic, headbanging, weird thrashy affair, which is what Voivod fans should expect from the band by now. It is the third track to be released from Target Earth, after “Mechanical Mind” and the title track, the latter of which has been in live circulation for some time. All three tracks are very good, and is a great sign for the upcoming album. Recent Voivod releases have been somewhat inconsistent in quality,  and the most recent, Infini, comprising of older material that Piggy had recorded before he passed away, so this should hopefully be a great return to form for the band.

All three songs released so far can be heard here

Target Earth is out on January 21st, 2013 via Century Media Records and is available for preorder now as either CD, or CD and t-shirt bundle.