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Vomitory are a legendary Swedish brutal death metal band who have been creating uncompromising extreme metal for the last 24 years. It’s sad news that after such a long time of kicking people in the teeth that they’re finally hanging up their blood soaked boots and instruments. Well, they’ll probably still play their instruments, obviously, but it’s sad to know that the band will no longer be an entity. They plan to play as many shows as possible until the end of 2013, so if you’re a fan of the band you should make sure you get out to see them when they roll through your town.

Here’s a quote from the band about the split:

After 24 years, eight albums and hundreds of live shows across 30 countries, we have finally come to the end of the road. We in the band – Tobias, Urban, Erik and Peter – have made the collective decision to end Vomitory by the end of 2013. It has been a blast on all accounts, but all good things come to to an end, and for Vomitory it is now. We will still play as many shows as possible during 2013, and we hope to see as many of you fans as possible there, so we can thank you for your true support during all these years!

Vomitory are one of the rare bands who have managed to sustain a relatively stable line-up for the last fourteen years, keeping two founding members intact for their whole duration. That’s a surprisingly difficult thing for a lot of metal acts to accomplish, so it’s great that the split seems amicable between all parties and the band isn’t just continuing with one member powering it through.

Vomitory are sadly, not planning on releasing any new music for the rest of their life as a band. Their last album was the eighth in their long spanning career, Opus Mortis VIII, which was received extremely positively by critics and audiences alike. 24 years and eight albums with Metal Blade Records is a hell of a long time and it will be incredibly sad to see them go. You can order any of their records through Metal Blade’s store. Hats off to this foursome of incredible musicians who are disbanding amicably and honourably after a long time in the service of metal. The Monolith appreciates your art gentlemen. Thank you.

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