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[25th January 2013]
[Woodcut Records/Dark Descent Records]

01. Impetuous Fires
02. Deaths Stains
03. Rabid Blood
04. Thriving Darkness
05. Evil Seed
06. In Obscurity Revealed
07. Dance of Heresy
08. Poisoned Void


Finland boasts a heavy metal scene as prolific and eclectic as its neighbours both Baltic and beyond, and with natives Vorum‘s first full-length record, we get a taste of their death metal in its archaic form.

Poisoned Void starts as it means to continue; an abrupt yet unrelenting pummelling, much like any other effective beating. It’s a swift backhander, reminding one of the primordial soup beginnings of death metal that are less ventured, especially in the truest sense of the word. These days it’s mostly acceptable for a band to wear the mantle of  ’old school’ merely by having its presence as prominent as a shadow. Vorum however, would rather be the sinister shape casting it.

This much is clear just from the production of the album itself, the low tuned guitars overlaying an intentionally rudimentary drum production gives their style its raw authenticity. It’s nigh on impossible not to get flashbacks of the late 80′s early 90′s era of Carcass. Even the solo’s are pasted over the top with a sort of, tinny analogue style, nostalgically reminiscent of ‘Reek of Putrefaction‘ and ‘Symphonies of Sickness‘ albums. Stylistically the band is equally raw as the production, most of the tracks navigate around a recurrent tempo of a down beaten, pounding nature. The mesmeric, almost to the point of nauseating, guitars buzz angrily to give the tracks their most prominently sinister feature. Something commonly found in the early Akercocke albums. The band seem to have found a niche between abrasive black metal and sludgy almost doom-like grindcore without adhering to either too much. for me, the  finest was the track  ’Dance of Heresy’  it genuinely has a hypnotic nastiness i could warm to.

The artwork also appeals greatly, a nicely cryptic monochrome piece that once again, screams of more black metal influence than is ever implied. Though Vorum have so many elements of the genre’s I enjoy, it’s a struggle to try and ascertain what exactly ‘Poisoned Void‘ offers them. It is an authentic yet resoundingly flat and repetitive offering no matter how raw and ‘true’ it was intended to be. People who are into the savagery offered from bands like ‘Repugnant‘ and ‘Excoriate‘ may enjoy this, but otherwise look elsewhere for your satisfying extreme metal meal.


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