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I might be a bit late with this news but I’m still as excited about it as any other upcoming 2013 release: Vreid are coming back! Now who are Vreid you may ask? Why, one of the most spectacular melodic black metal bands out there of course! They formed from the ashes of Windir in 2004 and have put out five albums most recently 2009′s Milorg and 2011′s V; the latter of which was my #9 album of that year. They continue their lyrical trend of WWII era Norway and the plight of their people and convey this message in such an emotive way; you’d be shocked you knew so little of what happened there.

Welcome Farewell is their latest album and it still carries the same weight as their more recent efforts. They have even previewed a track from the new album called “The Reap” over here at Terrorizer. It’ll be a very long two month wait for this writer who has also waited nearly two years for this esteemed group of Norwegians to grace us with some new material, but for now I leave you with two more reasons to pick this album up.

Welcome Farewell has a release date of February 22nd in Europe and March 5th in the US through Indie Recordings.

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