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Help Bedlam Of Cacophony with their new record Abstract Gods

Bedlam of Cacophony - Abstract Gods

As many bands have done before, Orange County natives Bedlam Of Cacophony have turned to crowdfunding to make their latest foray into tech death/grind possible. Their new album, titled Abstract Gods is the followup to 2011′s Neuroleptic (which can be streamed and downloaded for a price of your choosing here), has the above artwork gracing its cover and will consist of 8 songs:

01. The Gnashing of Teeth
02. In Frantic Search of an Answer
03. Morbid Concretion
04. We have to see, we have to know
05. The Heaviest Burden
06. The Almighty Why
07. Eternal Thirst
08. Abstract Gods

The band are offering the usual digital copies, physical copies, t-shirts, posters and such – but one that caught my eye is the $5 dollar perk for the band’s guitar tabs. Anyone familiar with the band will no doubt be curious to see what’s actually going on and will welcome the opportunity to dissect the method in BoC’s madness.

If you’re interested in helping an intense band keep the flag of head-splodingly technical music held high, make your way to their Indiegogo page and throw a couple of bucks their way. If you’re not familiar I’d like to remind you that a couple of paragraphs up I told you Neuroleptic is available for free so if you’re a fan of bands like Psyopus or Brazen Bull this should be right up your unusually complex alley.

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