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We kind of missed this one, but we felt it was important that we made mention of it, as it involves our brüs from Heavy Blog Is Heavy, who are sponsoring this particular trek from Seattleites 7 Horns 7 Eyes and native Canadians Annex Theorywhich will take in 12 dates across the Great White North in one of the coldest months of the year. Pretty damn metal if you ask us.

7H7E have had a pretty cool year. They got signed to both Century Media and Basick Records for various distribution territories – both of which are excellent and worthy labels – and put out Throes Of Absolution, a fine proggy-death metal release. Annex Theory I’m less familiar with, but they too are billed as progressive metal, and so I don’t see any reason for Canadian prog fans NOT to head out to this one.

Dates are on the poster, and also in our events calendar of course. Come and let us know if you’re going!