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World Narcosis and The Crinn – new albums now available

World Narcosis - World Coda album art

Do you like grind? Would you like to listen to some grind? Would you mind if that grind left behind the rigid genre structures and went with whatever felt right (or oh so wrong)? Would you rather I drop this grind/mind/behind rhyming thing and got straight to business?

If so, I truly have a treat or two for you. Icelandic grind-but-wait-there’s-more band World Narcosis have now uploaded 9 out of 11 tracks from their upcoming release World Coda for your streaming pleasure on Bandcamp. If you like abrasive but emotional music that’s heavy and slow at times, fast and heavy at others, but always intense, then just ignore all talk of grind and let the album wash over you. There will be a full review posted soon, but until then I recommend listening to those nine tracks and making up your own mind before you read my thoughts on the whole thing:

The Crinn - Shadowbreather

The second treat of the day is possibly even less grind-inspired, but no less exciting. I’m talking of course about the release of Shadowbreathersomething we’ve covered before – which is the new album by tech/math/grind/whatever band The Crinn.

It’s their first album since the jawdropping Dreaming Saturn dropped five years ago. They’ve since left Nuclear Blast for reasons unknown (I’ll go with “The world wasn’t ready for Dreaming Saturn so it didn’t sell well enough”) so Shadowbreather is being self-released on Bandcamp. If they make enough from digital sales they might make vinyl, so if you’re like me and have all their other material in physical form – a collection that’s yearning to be completed – then throw them a few bucks (seven to be exact) and hope for the best.

Have a listen below and enjoy:

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