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Behold! Although their last two albums may have been pretty enjoyable, we feel the need to warn you that this following post is in fact going to be discussing the band Whitechapel and their new video “The Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence” off of their album….Whitechapel. If you’ve been watching this band for a little while then you know that the metal community rarely forgives so even though they’ve moved on from being the latest flavour of the week for the breakdown obsessed kiddies to something surprisingly grounded and death metal it still seems like we’re preaching some sort of strange scripture and having to convert people. I personally, was pleasantly surprised by the group’s release A New Era Of Corruption and actually found their latest self-titled disc pretty enjoyable. The group has already done one video for relatively straightforward tune “I, Dementia” (not one of the strongest on that album, especially alongside a song like Faces) and perhaps they blew their budget on it so this new video is basically just reinforcing the fact that Whitechapel are really big. They can create some massive pits and it really is something to see. This specific song, is stronger than the previous single but the video really isn’t worth paying attention to. However, if you want a pretty lengthy primer on everything this band is about it’s pretty easy to just run the song and just let all the imagery go by you. It does a pretty good job of demonstrating how the group’s live show has evolved as they’ve been able to get on bigger stages. It seems like only not too long ago I was front row when I saw them on a stage the size of a decent sized bedroom when they toured with Protest The Hero,The Acacia Strain and Unearth.

If you thought that video looked interesting, you can find some videos of their whole live set the last time they played in Sacramento here.

What do you think of Whitechapel’s evolution? Can you think of any other bands that have gone through a similar progression? Do you like live performance music videos? Sound off in the comments!