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William reels off his five bands to watch at Tech Fest 2015

Five Bands To Watch at Tech Fest 2015

All this week, each of The Monolith writers going to UK Tech Fest are running down their 5 top picks for the weekend. First up we had Christhen Adam, then Simon, then Ryan; now here’s mine!

With this being my first year as a performer, it’s bound to be exciting – but this line up is also one of the most varied I’ve seen since the festival’s inception, with some great acts like Agent Fresco and Leprous finally making it over for the event.

Having watched the festival grow from humble beginnings three years ago, it’s great to see how the line up has become so encompassing of bands and musicians from many different walks of life and places across the world. As usual, it’s bound to be a weekend of friends and good music! Here’s just a few that I’m excited to see.



Playing: Thursday – 9:30pm, Hands On Printing Stage

It’s been three years since djent/rap cross over act Hacktivist exploded onto the scene, and they are returning to Tech Fest to headline the early bird Thursday evening. The inaugural Tech Fest was one of their debut performances, so it will be exciting to have them back following their widespread success.

Having teased material from their long awaited debut album for a while now, it is likely we’ll hear some more of this material during their headline slot. Their intense live shows have seen them through main stage shows at major rock festivals around the world, as well as support slots to many well known names.

Bouncy tunes like “False Idols” and “Unlike Us” mean Hacktivist will be a great way to get the weekend’s party spirit started!

Hacktivist on Facebook

Carcer City

Carcer City 2015

Playing: Friday – 7:00pm, Hands On Printing Stage

Carcer City are a band going from strength to strength. They’ve blazed their way across the UK and Europe relentlessly, so you better believe their craft is like a well oiled machine at this point.

After several years spent winning over hardcore crowds, the band have been taken under the wing of Tech Fest organiser Simon Garrod, and have been winning over a new crowd in the last year. They graced the London pre-show last year with a great performance that introduced many in the Tech scene to their slick and groovy hardcore influenced metal.

They’ve been somewhat quiet of late, but having seen them recently at Chewiefest with their new dazzling light set up and showcasing material from their upcoming album, these guys are going to be a band to move even the most fret-concerned viewers.

Carcer City on Facebook

Heart Of A Coward

Heart Of A Coward 2015

Playing: Saturday – 9:30pm, Main Stage

Since being announced as the secret headliner following their monumental main stage Download performance, there was no doubt that Heart Of A Coward have earned their place as a headliner for Tech Fest. While some were surprised, due to their more metalcore approach to the tech scene, their ferocious live show will likely bury the festival under a heap of rubble.

Judging by their performance in 2013, we WILL see the largest pits of the weekend to these guys when they drop many of their well-known ragers like “Deadweight“, “Shade’” and “Psychophant“. Their third full length is looming, so it’s also likely that we’ll get to hear snippets of that.

Heart of a Coward have cemented their spot at the top of the food chain and if the audience of this year’s Tech Fest didn’t know it before, they will after their set.



Playing: Sunday – 12:30pm, Main Stage

Following many positive reviews of their latest single, “Solar” – which we premiered last week - Tech Fest sweethearts Hieroglyph finally hit up the main festival on the final day. Their Freefall EP was a favourite amongst the The Monolith staff last year, with their alternative approach to tech capturing hearts and mind, and having been among the first to be announced for this year’s festival, they have been steadily building up to the big event.

The dual vocals of Valentina and Mark trading off over the top of their riff-oriented metal, Hieroglyph are bound to wake up a few heads (and necks!) during their early afternoon set.

Hieroglyph on Facebook

No Consequence

No Consequence 2015

Playing: Sunday - 4:30pm, Main Stage

With the release of their third effort Vimana fresh in our playlists – and we loved it – it’s only natural to be excited to see Tech Fest regulars No Consequence back for their fourth consecutive year. They’ve really found their feet with their defining sound, blending tech metal and progressive elements in an aggressive fashion, so their evening main stage spot is bound to see them rise to the occasion.

They’re one of the British tech scene’s rising bands, and No Consequence are really becoming pros at what they do. Tech Fest is their spiritual home, and their set is likely to see the tech community come together. Expect energetic fun.

No Consequence on Facebook

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we’ll see as many of you as possible at the festival next week!

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