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Wintersun Facebook update reveals Time II slip

Wintersun Time II release date Jari Mäenpää

In a move that should surprise all of no-one, the release date for melodic death metal Wintersun‘s upcoming follow up to 2012′s Time I - unsurprisingly titled Time II - has been pushed back to 2014, which will also mark a decade since their highly-regarded self-titled debut was released.

Those familiar with the band will know the story with Wintersun; frontman Jari Mäenpää created the project from his work with Ensiferum, and released the stunning Wintersun in 2004. A follow-up was promised, but had suffered constant delays to the point that we all wondered if it was ever coming. It finally did last year in the form of Time I, and while it was worth the wait, there’s no denying that Wintersun now have a reputation for taking their time over things.

Our brothers in arms at Heavy Blog Is Heavy noticed this nugget of information within an update on the band’s plans for 2013, which include summer festival appearances and touring plans for the Finnish quartet,

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We are starting the mix of TIME II and it will be released early 2014. The album will continue where TIME I left, but it will be an upgrade in production, it will be equally epic, if not more. It will contain some “fast stuff” and some guitar shredding (incl. 7 solos) like some of you metal heads and guitar wankers have been wishing for. It will also contain some of the most beautiful music ever written, that will bring a tear to your eye.

It had been understood that Time II would be released this year, but we don’t want to sound like spoilt children, and after having waited eight years for Time I, we think Wintersun are allowed to do some other stuff this year. Two years is more than standard between albums, and although it seems almost everything is written and recorded already, the production is so ambitious that it will take all year. If it sounds anywhere near as lush as its predecessor, no-one should be complaining.

As mentioned, Wintersun will be on the road again this year. A European tour is in the calendar for early summer, including appearancea at Beastival, Nummirock, Hellfest and Tuska Open Air. Make sure to catch them if you get the chance; we’re sure they’re stunning live.

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