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The Spanish science fiction-orientated death-metallers Wormed have awoken from stasis to present a surgical slice of what to expect from their long awaited second full length record; Exodromos, due March 26th.

Nucleon“, which surfaced on the interweebles in early January, is an aptly named opening track, and are the building block particles of something destined to be much grander in scope.

My first experience of Wormed was much akin to one of those beautiful cosmic accidents. It was the year they released their debut album in 2003.  I just so happened to have recently made a friend, who just happened to decide to burn me a CD with said album - Planisphaerium - with another album of a band called Discordance Axis. At this point in my life I was relatively fresh in my initiation to heavy/extreme music, so listening to Wormed was like being suddenly and heavily irradiated with an alien substance, and for better or worse I would never be the same.

Planisphaerium was a new level of ferocity I had not yet heard or had time to brace for, yet it kept bringing me back for more. Upon deeper reflection, it was probably due to the fact it was the first time Ii had my two main musical mentalities bridged. On the one hand you have the technically adept musicianship and crushingly brutal sound you expect from death metal – and on the other you have an almost avant-garde compositional approach that pleased the penchant I had for the experimental. The overall result was almost like what Salvador Dali would have had envisioned for alternative music. like the universe itself, its a pure chaos in a perfect harmony.

The brutal death metal scene itself has never been my main love, but concerning Wormed, to me, they are entirely mercurial. There are artists like them that exist within every genre; people who, through a genuine uniqueness, lift themselves out of their typecasting and become something fantastic to behold. Even with the super guttural vocals and other attributes of the brutal death ethos I can’t ever bring myself to love, Wormed employ them in such a way that it makes it an almost fresh experience.

Though the ten years building up to Exodromos has been flecked with demos and other small offerings, the wait is instantly tolerated with “Nucleon”. It’s clearly not just going to be ‘another album’ of theirs; everything from the surprisingly sound, production and conceptual content of the album seems to be a genuine evolution for Spain’s finest. Fans of Benighted and The Faceless should check this track out.

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