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Xul provide us with some great blackened death metal


Thank whatever Lord you worship that I actually check my press emails, otherwise this overlooked gem would have passed me by completely! Xul are a fantastic blackened death metal band from the bleak, but lush landscapes of Western Canada. Xul take most of their influence from Behemoth, Dissection and Immortal and boy does it show. The Behemoth force is instantly recognizable and yet they’re able to utilize it in a way that it feels like their own fresh brand of blackened death metal.

Their impressive crushing rhythms coalesce flawlessly with atmospheric passages that make great use of punishing percussive assault and subtle vocal harmonies to create an effective portrait of human destruction and war torn vistas. What’s truly impressive here is while the band do borrow heavily from Behemoth it in no way feels derivative, and in fact only serves to enhance the experience further. Every time you feel like you know what’s coming, the band make a diversion and deliver something different.

Xul released their debut album Malignance in June of last year, and since discovering it this morning, I’ve already greedily consumed it three times! For a limited period, Xul are offering Malignance for pay what you want download on their Bandcamp. Last month they ran a contest for fans that downloaded Malignance, allowing one of them to win some of their sexy and exclusive merchandise. The winners will be announced over on their Facebook soon, so be sure to follow them and keep up with all their other updates!

But that’s not all. Xul are currently working on a new EP of fresh material, which, judging by the high quality of Malignance and the band’s statement, should be a real treat! Levi Meyers, their vocalist says:


We are happy to announce some of the details regarding our EP. First of all, It will feature a track called “Summon the Swarm”, which we have played live now for quite some time. There will also be three other tracks on the EP. Each of the songs has their own elements that make them unique and we feel it really shows the progression of our musicianship. We will be recording with Jeff Bryan once again to maintain the high quality we had on Malignance. There’s not a whole lot more I can say, but we are extremely excited to head into the studio again in such a short period of time. These are the best songs we have to date and a lot of emotion and time has been spent! We will keep you updated along the journey… until then… Pilsner and METAL!


To round this off, here’s a lo-fi lyric video released for the track “Mastication Of Putrescent Empyrean Remains” from Malignance

What do you guys think? Is this a great new take on blackened death metal? Or is it too much like Behemoth for your tastes? Sound off in the comments!

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