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Suck blood with Year Of No Light’s new record


French dudes Year Of No Light are an excellent post/psychedelic/drone metal six-piece hailing from the wine-loving region of Bordeaux. I personally felt that their last album, Ausserwelt, was one of the absolute best albums of 2009; it had a heavy atmosphere, shimmering and otherworldly guitars, and was generally a fantastic release. They put out a couple splits last year, including one with the excellent Altar of Plagues, and now in 2013 they have unleashed a new album upon the unsuspecting world.

Titled Vampyr, it was written and performed originally in 2010 as the score for the CT Dreyer classic horror film of the same name. This year, the score is getting a studio release, on LP (1000 copies) and on CD. The good news, however, is that it is also available for streaming at Bandcamp, the savior of internet streaming.

I am currently still only on my first listen, but I can say that it is a spectral, echoing album that really does capture the dark labyrinthine nature of the movieto which it is set. Everything that Year Of No Light are about is done to near perfection on this album. It is more ambient than Ausserwelt, which is appropriate for a film score, at least until the track “Vampire” where it suddenly slams visceral horror into your ears.

I can only assume that the experience would be enhanced by watching the film with this playing, so I must remember to make time for that in the future. Until then, I will settle for this ghostly, supernatural journey through fog and darkness, which will be released officially this Friday 7th June.

Year Of No Light are due to perform at the Kuudes Aisti Festival in Helsinki, Finland in about a month, along with Torche, Cold Cave and Nazoranai, amongst others. I think this is their only scheduled live date at the moment, but they don’t get out that much, so try and catch them if you can.

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