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As a denizen of Sacramento, I feel the need to occasionally make the news a bit more personal, as well as share some of the interesting discoveries I’ve been holding on to as of late.

We here in this fine, fine city have been experiencing something of a renaissance in terms of live music, as more and more bands have begun to make their appearances here. Where once we would’ve been skipped over in favor of San Francisco and the 101, bands now take I-5 down from Portland and stop over in this lovely podunk cowtown. Alongside that, we have had some wonderful video groups spring up in order to capture live footage of said groups, and one of them in particular has been just hammering it out.

Rock Hard Live have been amazing, uploading full sets of shows a few months after said show happens, in order to give fans a nice slab of their favorite band online. They’re edited well and really do capture a lot of the live shows almost perfectly with good audio on top of it.

The reason that this specific post happens to contain a bunch of prefix-core jokes is because quite a few of the shows that have hit Sacramento have been a little core heavy, and Rock Hard Live captured them all. Normally this wouldn’t be such a huge deal, except that the three they have full sets posted for in the past week have been pretty goddamn good. One of the bands they have captured is Demon Hunter, who rolled through here in the summer and played a show that I unfortunately could not attend – not so much out of a dislike for Demon Hunter (they’ve always been a guilty pleasure), but due to a lack of scratch – so I had to spend that night putting in some work on the corner of Mack/Stockton out here by the Costco.

You can watch that full setlist right here. The other two bands - Whitechapel and All Shall Perish - I did get a chance to see when they rolled through town last month alongside Hatebreed. I enjoy both band’s latter works quite a bit. You can watch All Shall Perish’s 25-odd minute mosh fest here and Whitechapel’s three guitar beatdown here, then throw a hoodie on (ONLY GREY, POSER) and go punch stuff in the Wal-Mart parking lot. You tough rebel, you.