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By some small miracle we’ve managed to make it almost a month into the site without devoting an article to Devin Townsend. A lot of us love him an inordinate amount, as we’re sure a lot of you do too, so we’ve very glad for to finally have a legitimate reason to do so (rather than grumbling that we missed out on The Retinal Circus a couple of weeks ago).

Back in August, just before the release of Epicloud, Devin recorded a video asking people to send in clips of themselves performing the track ‘Lucky Animals‘, to be compiled into a veritable smorgasbord of jollity. The only real direction was to have fun with it; be a bit silly and enjoy the sunshine, that kind of thing.

Apparently he wasn’t expecting a huge response, but a YouTube search for ‘lucky animals participation video’ throws up just over six hundred results, so you can understand why this might have taken a little longer to produce than anticipated. Devin’s the kind of person who would watch as many as he humanly could I think, and he said himself that they tried to use at least one clip from everyone, so no doubt a LOT of work went into this.

Well, it’s here now, so without any further ado: the official video for the Devin Townsend Project‘s ‘Lucky Animals‘ from the album Epicloud, which is out now on HevyDevy!