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Cornish pop-punkers Gnarwolves streaming Funemployed


UK pop-punkers Gnarwolves are streaming their upcoming release, Funemployed, over at ye olde Bandcamp. These self-described “Cornish boys in Brighton” play a particularly fun (this is an important word here) brand of punk rock, imbuing each song with the kind of camaraderie-inspiring attitude that makes you want to jump up and join in the gang vocals. The kids sometimes call this type of music “orgcore”, right before they get kicked off my lawn.

Funemployed doesn’t deviate much from the template set by Gnarwolves’ other EPs, Fun Club and CRU, but does see the band try out some new tricks, such as the mellow opening of “Limerence”, a moody little number that ends up being the star of this record. Far from overstaying their welcome, every Gnarwolves track is a fleeting love affair between catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Taking Polonius’ oft-quoted dictum to heart, Gnarwolves embrace brevity: the band has released neither an LP nor a track over three minutes.


As with previous releases, the artwork for Funemployed was created by the excellent James Burgess, whose hand drawn, cartoon style provides a perfect complement to Gnarwolves’ effervescent punk rock. There is something satisfying about a fruitful pairing of band and artist; Burgess’ wobbly skateboarders and beer-swigging zombies capture the essence of the music and translate it into images that are as grimy as they are fun.


The band has released a new music video for Funemployed’s first track, “Melody Has Big Plans”. It’s as awesomely DIY as they come and will appeal to the sensibilities of anyone who digs on night vision, old-school skateboarding, and close-ups of dudes signing.

Check out their YouTube channel for some more fun, and while you’re out in the wilds of the internet, why don’t you go ahead and pick up Gnarwolves last couple of records?

So, kids, do Gnarwolves make you want to toss on a “DEFEND POP PUNK” t-shirt and fastplant down a staircase? Or do you hate fun? Let me know in the comments!

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