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Zoax release new video ahead of EP launch

Zoax 2014

It’s only just over a week until Zoax drop their new EP Is Everybody Listening, and so it seems about the right time to drop a new song doesn’t it? Yeah, I think so.

Track 4 from said EP, “Zero Point Seven” was actually premiered on the Radio 1 Rock Show a couple of weeks ago, but Rock Sound have today premiered the accompanying video; have a look:

Seems it’s already popular on the live circuit; vocalist Adam Carroll says:


Zero Point Seven is easily the most fun song for us to play live, we wanted to capture that in the video. Since we started playing it, the audience have been going crazy for it. Always a good sign for a song just about to be released don’t you think?

The track itself is, barring the sedate opener “?“, the shortest track on the EP, and carries the kind of pace you’d expect for that. It’s light and upbeat from the off, but carries an anxious undertone at times that threatens to burst at any moment, and by the end it’s got more than a little edge to it.

The video itself is an amalgamation of footage from recent shows – most likely from their year-closing tour with Baby Godzilla – but it really doesn’t do them justice; they’re so much fun, and a few shots of them bouncing around, plus Adam standing on bar-tops (he does this a fair bit), is only the tip of the iceberg.

The EP’s first track was debuted at the end of last year, and promised great things from Zoax’s second outing. Lonely Souls is a real earworm, and thankfully this new tune confirms the excitement levels for this record are justified.

Is Everybody Listening is out January 9th via Century Media Records; we’ll have our review later this week. You can pre-order it from the label, or via iTunes or Amazon now. The band are currently booked to play Takedown Festival in Southampton in March and both days of Hit The Deck in Bristol and Northampton in April, and have just announced a headlining UK tour for the following dates:

31st – Glasgow @ Audio

1st – Sheffield @ Corporation
2nd – Chester @ Compass
3rd – Carlisle @ Brickyard
4th – Newcastle @ Head Of Steam
6th – Stoke @ Underground
7th – Birmingham @ Oobleck
8th – St Albans @ Horn
9th – Plymouth @ Tiki
10th – Newport @ Meze Lounge
11th – Bournemouth @ Anvil
12th – Portsmouth @ Cellars
13th – London @ Barfly

Remember kids: Zoax are joax.