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High school student Jeff Bliss gives apathetic teacher a talking to


So this video has been doing the rounds over the last day or so, featuring Texan high school student Jeff Bliss making a few barbed and eloquent points to his teacher after being told to leave the room.

Disgruntled at not being taught properly – clearly his teacher is not engaging the class properly, handing out worksheets and the like instead of talking to them – the eighteen year-old called her out on it and was sent out of the class as a result. Great plan.

Clearly this “don’t question me or I’ll silence you” attitude is absolute bullshit, and even though the school are saying he perhaps could have been a little calmer with it, I applaud what actually seemed like a tremendous amount of restraint on his behalf. He speaks fluently and confidently without stumbling over himself or his points, and doesn’t fall into swearing in any real offensive sense.

Check it out:

I am of course making a visual judgement, but based on his long golden locks and general manner of dress, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jeff listens to metal, and his general mentality seems pretty intelligent, which we of course like to consider part of our culture, so there’s that. I don’t know.

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