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Russell Brand Turns Both Barrels Onto MSNBC Daytime Hosts

Russell Brand - Messiah Complex

Russell Brand is a perplexing and often infuriating fellow. When he was all the rage in the UK I used to find him incredibly annoying. His face would pop up everywhere and his brand of low brown pseudo intelligent eccentricities always used to rub me up the wrong way. Since he moved over to the US though, he has escaped our television screens for the most part. As expected, life continued as normal, but with one less irritating figure constantly vying for your attention.

However, in his campaign to dominate the US little bits of footage trickle over and somehow, I find myself disliking him a lot less. Perhaps it’s because he deliberately surrounds himself with some pretty terrible Americans, so that he actually looks smart in comparison to them. He has his own chat show apparently, and on it he’s had a number of guests, most famously a couple of members from the Westboro Baptist Church, whom he ribbed mercilessly about their bigoted views.

Well, apparently Brand has a new comedy tour that he wants to take around the world, fittingly called Messiah Complex, which will supposedly tackle the icons of history and how that iconography is manipulated by others, in a comedic way. It’s actually a surprisingly interesting concept for a comedy show, especially when you hear that he’s taking it to the Middle East. Ambitious and respectable, my my Mr Brand, what have you done to that detestable scamp that used to lurk on British tv?

As it turns out, he still exists, but he’s far more entertaining when terrorizing Americans than he is stumbling through jokes around other British comedians. He went on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe show to promote the new tour in an interview segment. However, things didn’t go to plan when it transpires that the three hosts are actually very rude and stupid. They practically ignore him, talking amongst themselves and referring to him in the third person when he’s sitting right there. Not only that, but they openly mock his accent and style, and at one point one of the women even repeatedly calls him the wrong name, while the other recoils in fear because he’s got a cockney accent, so clearly he’s a criminal.

Brand handles himself rather well here, instead choosing to tear them a new one without getting overtly angry, instead deferring to his British wiles and wit to disarm and undermine them. It’s a pretty entertaining, if completely bizarre slice of television. Check it out.

What do you guys think? Was Russell Brand in the wrong? Do you think he should have said more? Sound off in the comments!

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