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For those of you that aren’t in what we here at The Monolith refer to as “The Know”, Secret Sphere are an excellent cheeseball Italian power metal group from Italy made up of musicians that are Italian. In 2010 they actually released one hell of an album (and then subsequently released it a few more times across other territories, challenging Engel for the title of the most times they could ‘release’ a record) in Archetype. Now some of you may be saying, “Wow! That happens?!” and we can assure you that it does. Not only that, but it happens more often than you think. Vocalist Roberto Messina used to be one of those very people in actuality, until he left the group to venture off and do his own thing. Whilst the band would soldier on and quickly fill the vacant vocalist position and release Portrait Of A Dying Heart - which might as well have been a stealth bomber because it managed to fly under our collective radars – Roberto has gone on to form another group called 6008 Days, and they are now preparing to unleash themselves upon the world with a new single and video for a song entitled, “The Bad Day“.

That’s fantastic in its own right. We here at The Monolith are always excited to see talented musicians still holding on to gainful employment, even if it is likely our first impressions of them would have been based off the fact that they like the word ‘day’. However, Roberto saw through all that by allowing folks like us and various other news wires to use what is potentially one of the greatest artist profile shots out there. Lookit that beauty. It’s glorious. You could probably play xylophone on those ribs. Now granted, you have to keep in mind that nothing; we repeat, NOTHING, is going to dethrone shirtless Tim Yeung in our pantheon of ridiculously beautiful artist photos that have gotten out throughout the years, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t add more to The Pantheon. That said, bravo sir, bravo. The Monolith salutes you.

The rest of you can improve your day by listening to some of his former work here.