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Today marks a very special milestone for us on The Monolith. It’s not a birthday per se, but like that dweeb who joins in with his own happy birthday song, we’re giving ourselves a pat on the back for reaching 2000 posts! Hooray us! Boo everyone else! Well, not that, but you get the idea.

We’ve nothing special planned I’m afraid – we sort of realised a bit late – but as editor I feel obliged to do something to mark the occasion, so here are some important milestones we’ve had along the way. Links are in the titles. Enjoy!


Our first post

Just shy of two and half years ago, we were full of hope and high expectation. We were just as wordy then as we are now, and even though much has changed since then, we still a) like to talk a lot and b) don’t really give a shit about the TMZ bollocks surrounding the music: just the tunes themselves.

Intervals - In Time

Our first review

The now-departed Mick (don’t worry, he’s alive, just no longer with us) gave IntervalsIn Time a solid 70%, and said:


The balancing act between crafty solo guitar sections, melodic riffs and beats, and an electronic backdrop has paid off, and despite some minor faults, if this progression from The Space Between is any sign of what lies ahead, Intervals are a band you’ll want to keep on your radar. A full length release can’t come soon enough.

That full length was pretty fuckin’ good, for the record.

Since then we’ve reviewed over 300 releases, including our most popular ever, for Fallujah‘s The Flesh Prevails.

hardcore dancing is for twats

Our most popular article

Just under a year ago, Simon wrote a seemingly innocuous op-ed on crowd-killing, and violently-exuberant hardcore dancing in general. Admittedly, we gave it a somewhat derisory title, but it exploded like nothing we’ve published before. At the time of publishing this, it has over 40,000 pageviews from just over 37,000 people, and holds over 5.5% of our total pageviews.

boobs guy

Our most viewed image

This one is just titled “boobs guy” in our media library. You guys…

It was supplied by the lovely Perry Kakridas of Circles, in this barmy interview, wherein we also saw a video of bandmate Drew farting on an ornamental clam, a man drilling his own head, and a 6-pack six pack. Australia! *jazz hands*

black metal

Our most used tag

Our most used tag is apparently black metal, but that’s mostly because Kevin genre tags all his articles, and the rest of us don’t.

As for actual entities, the next in line is label Basick Records with 62 mentions, and the most tagged band is The Ocean with 50. That’s probably in part because of…

The Ocean Week banner

The Ocean Week

Back when The Ocean’s last album was released, we arbitrarily decided to run a whole week of content dedicated to the band, including reviews of both the vocal and instrumental versions of Pelagial, articles on each of their previous albums, a themed playlist, and an epic interview with main man Robin Staps.

Amongst all of our content, this was one of the most memorable themes, and a lot of fun to put together. Maybe we should do it again some time. Speaking of, there was that one time we did…

Instrumental Music Week banner

Instrumental Music Week

Oooh, colourful!

In partnership with Hold Tight! PR’s Lisa Coverdale, Chimp Spanner alter ego Paul Ortiz, and Alaya frontman Evan Dunn, we ran a series of articles, best-ofs and reviews centred around music without those preening, self-important vocalists. It was fun; no-one got their feelings hurt and we all jammed out.


Beyond these monoliths on the landscape, you can check the featured list on the left for some of our other favourite picks. Thanks for reading, however many of these 2000 articles we’ve published you have, and we hope you’ll stick around for the next 2000!