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Operating an animal shelter costs a fair amount of money. I don’t know the exact figures, but there are a lot of outgoings involved: building lease payments, electricity, heating, staff – and that’s before the food and care costs for all the animals. It can get a overwhelming, without a doubt, and shelters and charities are always on the lookout for donations and bequeathments.

In an effort led by Marjana Semkina of Russian progressive rock duo iamthemorning, along with fellow progressive bands Agent Fresco and Leprous, the three groups have decided to come together to do something to help them.

Einar and Toro from Leprous, Arnór from Agent Fresco, and Marjana from iamthemorning

Fresh off a European tour together, the bands are selling paper birds made by Marjana and signed by the bands’ vocalists. All proceeds are being donated to poverty-stricken animal shelters in Russia and Ukraine and a charity in the UK that helps animals.


For the past months I’ve been making paper birds that were signed by Einar, Toro and Arnór, in hopes that you would support our initiative and join us in this. Every package will include three postcards with bands artwork and a paper bird signed by the vocalist of the chosen band. - Marjana Semkina, iamthemorning

There are three different editions, one for each band. An edition costs $10 USD and with it you get a paper bird, signed by members of which band whose package you chose, and three postcards featuring artwork from each band’s latest album.

You can purchase a package at iamthemorning’s Bandcamp page. It’s a great cause and I urge you to share and support it. Even if you’re not a fan of any of the bands (though you should be), you can buy it as a gift for a friend.

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