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Dear readers,

It’s with a heavy heart that today, after six years of operation, we are announcing the closure of The Monolith.
Regular readers (yes, you at the back there) will have noticed a sharp decline in output in the past couple of months. Due to changing personal circumstances and commitments, I have been unable to give the site the time and energy it needs and deserves to thrive, so rather than let it circle the drain and vanish into obscurity, I have decided to gently and lovingly place the proverbial pillow over its sleeping face and put it to rest.

I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank everybody who has been so vital so the site’s formation and continued operation over the years: firstly, to those behind the scenes – all of the writers, photographers, editors, financiers and general morale boosters – without whom none of what we achieved would be possible. We have written a hell of a lot of words, and I am proud of every piece we put out together.

Secondly, to every band we ever watched, or whose records we spun and spun until the right words came tumbling out in some semblance of sense: thank you for doing what you do. Music is the best, and you’ll probably never fully know how much the people who listen to you appreciate the hard work and effort you put into your art – especially those who like to pick it apart and (hopefully not) make you cry into your fretboards.

Thirdly, to every PR agent, promoter and manager who emailed, called, bribed, cajoled, teased, browbeat or invited us to experience the acts you represent, giving us access so that we had something to write about: you let us in on some truly wonderful secrets, countless hours of entertainment, and I’m dearly going to miss working with you.

And finally, to you – everyone who ever read, shared or commented on an article to let us know that we weren’t shouting into an empty void: you’re mostly why we all did it, and I hope you found what we did useful, honest, and enlightening. Maybe even funny, sometimes?

You’re all wonderful. Keep supporting bands, going to shows and looking out for one another. We’ll see you around.

Chris Grenville