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As we shamble ever closer to the darkest of holidays (Thanksgiving, of course) we here at The Monolith will be working extra hard to update you on all things to unsettle your appetite as well as things that will satisfy the dark lord. We have a couple of very talented photographers amongst our staff here so perhaps we can get an explanation as what in the world is going on in this lovely photo gallery that Kate Cox of Kotaku found on Flickr by Alan Sailer. He basically buys things and then shoots them with a pellet gun and captures it in film, taking some of the goriest frames out there when applicable. Your lovely writer (DGR, in case the banner doesn’t give it away) loves these sorts of things so there’s been a few hours lost to this. Stuff like this is great, either through film (if you’ve never seen it, the Daily Drop stuff on The Escapist is fantastic) or pictures such as this.

Mr. Sailer titled the full gallery ‘Explosions’ and you can view it at this link here. After that you can spend the rest of the day trying to get this bastard, this bastard, and this bastard out of your head.

So congrats to Mr. Sailer for his unintentionally metal photo gallery, from all at The Monolith, as well as some images that are usually reserved for horror films to haunt us whilst we sleep.