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Welcome once again, friends. Today begins the real business of the site: the metal. And hardcore. And punk. And film. And whatever else we deem fit to post. It’s our website, man; shut yer face.

Kidding aside, today we’ll begin to show our chops. My editing queue is already maHOOsive; the team is chomping at the bit to get their post counts up, and hell, I’m ready to give it to ‘em.

We’ve still got a few more writer profiles to go up, including a few more writers, our resident photographer, and two of the most diverse film writers I’ve come across – but these will now be interspersed with mostly news today, but the rest of the week will most likely bring reviews, features and more than a few swears. “Fuck”. There, I got the first one today. Satan’s spinning nipple tassles, we’re out of control! Who knows to what stygian depths we will lower ourselves! You have been warned.

From Quigs and myself, your ever-loving, lash-toting Iron Council, welcome to The Monolith once again.